Scale Everest in 24 hours ?

Can Sean be the first person in Ireland to run / climb 10,000m +

The epic kingdom of Kerry - 12th July 2019

The feat .... friday july 12th

On friday Sean, an Irish plant based ultra runner, seeks to set a new first in the Irish ultra running world... the first person to run/climb 10,000 meters of positive ascent (in Ireland) in one go ! *

This is the equivalent of ten times up and down Ireland’s highest peak … or the accumulative height of mount Everest and Carrauntoohil….


In the process he also aims to break the record for quickest ascent of Everest on the island of Ireland, which stand at approx 23 hours.


Sean has choose his native Kerry for this adventure and the epic Reeks District which has many of Ireland's highest peaks !

About Sean

Sean has been an Ultra runner for many years and has competed in races across the globe, like the UTMB in France, Diagonal des Fous on Reunion Island, El Cruce in Chile and Angkor Ultra in Cambodia. More recently he has placed 2nd for the last 2 years in Ireland’s longest and toughest ultra marathon, the Kerry Way Ultra.

The cause

Sean is raising funds for Dementia and Alzheimer awareness and in particular Rockmount center in Kilgarvan.

Did you know that dementia affects over 50,000 people in Ireland at the moment and is set to triple in the coming years ?

No amount is too small

PRICE PROMISE : If Sean does not complete 10,000m of positive ascent in 24 hours ....then he will be refunding all donations... this is an ALL or NOTHING challenge

The Why .... and The Film

Beyond the fact that Sean has been dreaming about this for some time and wanting to test his limits he is also using this opportunity to produce a film on the experience in partnership with talented local videographers...Niall Foley, Marco Conte and James Maher.

This film will showcase the amazing reeks district but also discuss Sean's passion ... the critical importance of healthy lifestyle in ultra sports but also life in general for disease prevention

So has this been done before ?

According to research only 2 other groups have done this in Ireland.

The first was the Irish Legend Brian Byrne who in 2005 summited Carrauntoohil until he reached the height of Everest after 33 hours.

This was followed by a big group of athletes that summited Croagh Patrick 12 times in 24 hours in 2011.


of positive ascent


non-stop climbing


mountain range

PRICE PROMISE : If Sean does not complete 10,000m of positive ascent in 24 hours ....then he will be refunding all donations... this is an ALL or NOTHING challenge


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Want to follow the adventure live ??

Powererd by

Besides being proudly powered by plants Sean is also using these great products in his adventure(s)

Coros Global

Coros produce 2 of the best GPS watches ever made, the Apex and the Vertix. Sean will be wearing the super accurate Apex during his challenge to keep an eye on positive ascent whilst on the go !


Leki produce the best trail running poles on the market. They are the perfect blend of weight and strength. Sean will be using Leki Micro Trail PRO trail running poles to power him up those steep inclines.


Fenix produce lighting products for the extremes.. either in work or sports environments. They have an amazing range of products for trail and ultra runners to suit all distances, terrains and budgets.

All these brands are also proudly sponsors of ireland's best ultra trail - The Kerry Way Ultra

The Reeks

MacGillycuddy’s Reeks – Ireland’s highest mountain range and the inspiration for the Reeks District’s name – are redolent with myths and legends. Why not create your own and climb Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest peak?

The Reeks are the very backbone of the Kingdom of Kerry, a 19km range of Devonian sandstone, carved by glaciers to leave valleys, serrated ridges and towering peaks.

On a clear day, the panoramic vistas from the 1,039m summit take the breath away as they stretch to the Dingle Peninsula and Kenmare Bay and even as far as the mountains of North Cork. The views are so good, you could even say unless you’ve reached the top, you’ve not really seen Reeks District – it’s only from the summit that you get to see the whole region in all its glory.

* based on research and speaking to lots of guides and people in the mountain scene in Ireland we have not found anyone that has done 10,0000m ascent .. and certainly none has been documented.